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Save significantly on your costs of waste management by using a Compactor Skip.

Our compactor hire are suitable for large sites dealing with higher volumes of rubbish.  A compactor can be used in place of wheelie bins and may take up less space.  It reduces vehicle movements and lowers cost of transport as we visit less often, so you make a direct saving on your costs.

There are two types of compactors - static compactors and mobile compactors.  Discuss the best option for your needs (based on frequency, contents, space on site and location).

Mobile Compactors are suitable for businesses because they are clean, air and water tight.  The container can take food, general waste and green waste, recycling, cardboard and plastics either separated or mixed. 

Odour levels are lower as they are airtight so may be suitable for food waste on sites where odour control is important.  It also reduces pest issues on sites where hygiene is important.

Static Waste Compactors are a stationary machine that compresses waste into a separate portable container.   Static compactors can cope with large volumes of bulky rubbish including General Waste, packaging, plastics and cardboard.

When the compactor is full, Wilrose exchange it for an empty one or tip and return it depending on the space on the site.

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It is always easier, simpler and normally cheaper to order services directly from a supplier like us than to order through a third party broker who will charge you extra fees.

Please call us today for free, no pressure advice on the best waste set up for your site.

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Prices and Accounts

Our Service Standards

Our Service Standards

Accounts available on request.  

Wilrose are a supplier for many national brokers, but please bear in mind that services are cheaper if you come directly to us.

We will ensure that the services are perfectly suitable and your costs are as low as possible.

Our Service Standards

Our Service Standards

Our Service Standards

Same day and next day delivery, exchange and collection available.  Professional waste management directly to the trade.  Wilrose have over 30 years in the industry, you're in safe hands.

Not sure which bin you need?

Not sure which bin you need?

Not sure which bin you need?

Call us and discuss your waste type and frequency.  We can offer site assessments free of charge and advice on maximising your recycling.

Waste Reports

Not sure which bin you need?

Not sure which bin you need?

We can provide you with specific waste reports detailing your recycling rates and waste outputs in any format that suits you.   Come to us directly for the easiest and quickest waste reporting.


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