Dry Mixed Recycling

What is Dry Mixed Recycling?

Dry mixed recycling (DMR) is the part of the waste that can be recycled by most tipping sites.   Wilrose offers all the bin sizes including 1100L wheelie bins for DMR for commercial sites to recycle.  

It is the most common form of mixed recycling for business.  Nontheless, it can be better for commercial establishments to separate their waste by type to fully maximise the environmental and cost savings available.

What can I put in a Dry Mixed Recycling Bin?

All dry mixed recycling should be put in clear plastic bags.


YES  :-)

Empty Plastic bottles

Empty drinks bottles

Empty cleaning product bottles

Empty yoghurt pots and trays

No  :-(

Plastic Bags

Cling Film

Polystyrene packaging

black plastic trays


Yes  :-)

Newspapers and magazines

Catalogues and Brochures

Phone Directories

Envelopes and Mail

Cardboard, cereal boxes, cardboard boxes, toilet rolls tubes and eggboxes.

No  :-(

Juice / drinks cartons and tetra pak

Tissue paper and wallpaper

Food on cardboard such as pizza boxes

Shredded Paper

Wet paper or wet cardboard


Yes :-)

Empty metal food tins and drinks cans

Empty metal tins such as biscuit tins.

No  :-(

Juice / drinks cartons and tetra pak


Metallic foil snack packs / crisp packets

Aerosol cans

Is it cheaper to recycle business waste?

Yes - the same size of DMR bins are cheaper than general waste bins.  So it is cheaper to recycle than put everything in the main bin.  

Wilrose also offers source separation bins - so you can put your glass in a separate bin and your food in a separate bin.  Why?  This saves you money! 

Speak to us about how you can maximise your recycling rates and lower your costs.  

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