1100L wheelie bin from Wilrose

Wilrose offer a full range of services for business waste collection.  Wilrose are the local direct supplier of business waste in Surrey, Middlesex and London.

With 30 years of expertise in commercial waste management, we are both better and cheaper than most competitors in our area.


Special low prices on business waste collection in Elmbridge, Surrey and Middlesex.

Our current special offer is £25 off for all new customers who sign up to our regular services.  Not only are we more reliable, better for the environment and CHEAPER, you also receive FREE brand new commercial waste bins on site - all sizes available from 240L, 360L, 660L and 1100L.  


1100L Mixed Recycling bins by Wilrose Waste outside a hospital in SW London.

Most customers want to pay less and have an easy communication with their commercial waste collector.  Wilrose are not middle men but are DIRECT suppliers with our own trucks and our own bins.  This means it's cheaper  for you and easier to communication with us. 


SALE prices on business waste collections in KT and TW postcodes.  Cheap commercial waste.

£25 off for all new customers!

Wilrose offers an incentive for all new customers - simply call us and see how we can cut your costs.



We only use top spec vehicles with low emissions and reliable service.  Reliable vehicles means we can offer low costs on our services and won't miss you out.



Dry mixed recycling services, food waste recycling and single stream recycling available.  1100L bins and smaller bins available with 7 days a week services.

Why Wilrose Waste?

Wilrose Waste 1100L Bin for wheelie bin waste collection.  Surrey, Middlesex and London waste.

We are Cheaper!

We aim to beat any quote and start you off with the right services for your business.  Why pay for more than you need?  We always recommend you receive services direct from an operator like us rather than go through third parties.  We offer a site review, a waste audit and an allocated contract manager to ensure your services are top level while still the lowest cost.  With our special offers and no 'extras' we think we will always be cheaper than other companies in our area.

We are Reliable

We pride ourselves on our service levels and will turn up when we say we will, on the day we've agreed and at the time you need us.  At any time, we answer the phone straight away, no call centres and no middle men.

Fully Legally Compliant

We have all the correct Environmental licences and we have fully maintained vehicles (fewer breakdowns!).  You receive the correct paperwork to ensure you are fully compliant with your requirements.  You can rest assured you've chosen the best provider in the area.

We are Local

All of our work is centered around our yard which means we can always get to you.  We regularly check our work to ensure the service and timings suit you, our customer.  Wilrose is the local provider in KT, SW, CR and TW postcode areas so you don't need to use national companies or waste brokers.  Come directly to us to ensure the cheapest price and the best service and the easiest way to manage your commercial waste.

Polite Drivers and friendly staff

Speak to anyone at Wilrose and we will be polite, friendly and helpful at all times.  We pride ourselves on our customer service standards and treat every customer as most important.  No call centres, you can always speak to us about services, time of arrival and billing.  We are pioneers of customer service levels in waste management.  

Just see our 5* Google reviews to put your mind at rest.

Missed Bins

We always try to complete every collection, but if there is a problem we will resolve it quickly and easily.  Speak to us and we will ensure you can focus on your business whilst knowing your price is the lowest in the area and your services are the most reliable.  Try us and find out.  We don't rely on contractual obligation, you will want to keep using us.

easy wheelie bin services

Contact us about waste services for your business. We want to hear from you and will get back to you with a quick price.

Better yet, call us and talk to us about what you need...

We would love to talk to you and won't pressure sell to you, but offer you the best service set up for your business. Wherever we can we will save you money on your costs.

It is always simpler to come direct to us, you can get information quickly, waste reports directly and in nearly all cases it is cheaper than going through a third party broker.

Wilrose Environmental Ltd

Image Court, 328-334 Molesey Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 3LT

020 8977 7008



08:30 – 17:30


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08:30 – 14:00


Call us with any queries, but here are the most frequently asked questions.

Which bin size do I need?

We stock 240L, 360L, 660L and 1100L bins for business waste.  You can have collections at any interval from every day up to once a fortnight and you can have a combination of bins.  We offer general waste collection, single stream recycling and mixed recycling.  We also offer compactor services and skips of all sizes.

How much does it cost?

Please call us for an accurate price, as it will vary on your location, your waste type, your frequency and your bin size.

I'm in contract, what do I do?

Contract length varies between companies, so give us a call and we can advise you on the best option.   And don't worry - we can diarise your renewal date so you won't get locked into another year at high prices again.  Where many companies offer rigid contracts with penalties and hidden costs, we offer flexible contracts so you can reduce your costs as your waste output changes.

Aren't all business waste collectors the same?

No!  We are reliable, fully legally compliant, professional waste managers.  Not all companies are and indeed many companies on the internet are not operators like us, but brokers/third party resellers - where they sell the work on to someone else, leaving you waiting in a long chain of communication.  It is always best to work with a direct supplier rather than a broker for the most responsive, reliable service at the lowest cost.

In addition, as a local company we have the lowest journey miles which is better for the environment, more reliable and we tip only in places with 98% recycling rates.

We really are the best option all round.

Finally, many companies charge you 'extras' like bin rental and duty of care charges.  We won't do that. So when you are comparing costs, make sure it's like for like.

Am I in your area?

Wilrose covers Surrey, Middlesex and SW London.  Please give us a call to check if you're in our catchment area.  You too can benefit from our low prices and new customer discounts.

What do I do next?

Give us a call to discuss your waste needs and we can get a price to you.  No hidden extras, just business waste collection services to suit you.